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Basic Othello .NET

Othello rewritten in VB .NET with GDI+. The main features is the same with the old one written in VB 6.0 except that the graphic is generated on fly. I wrote it in short time and didn’t carry alpha test properly. If you find some bugs, please notify me through email or guestbook. Source code is available for this version.

[Download Game]
[Download Source]



6 Responses

  1. isti says:

    kenapa ngga bisa di download 😦
    butuh bgt nih,, tolong dong saya mau minta boleh ngga ?? 😦

  2. rob13y says:

    Tinggalkan aja alamat emailnya di Guesbook (Buku Tamu), nanti saya kirimkan,.

  3. isti says:

    disini ajah deh yaa..
    makasih yah 🙂

  4. isti says:

    blm ada.. 😦

  5. asha says:

    boleh minta softwarenya gak??

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